Welcome to the Official Website for the Pokémon ROM hack, Pokémon Citrite Version!

This ROM hack was started in 2014 by hacker Alexander Nicholi, and is a completely new game with its own story, graphics, features and mechanics, and more.



This hack has been restarted since its initial publication. You can download the old versions (labeled “old” in the repo), or you can download the current (and arguably better) version as well.

Keep in mind that the new alpha is not public! That said, anyone is welcome to sign up as long as they can provide a PPoC via e-mail or forum account.

Unfortunately I am not able to receive any messages on the PokéCommunity, so do not message me there. There are links to Citrite’s current threads below the download links.


Older Downloads


(Old) Alpha 1.3.2 [ IPS | UPS ]

(Old) Alpha 1.3.1 [ IPS | UPS ]

(Old) Alpha 1.2.1 [ IPS | UPS ]

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