Welcome to the official website for the never-before-seen role-playing video game, Project Trinity!

Our game began in 2014 as a “ROM hack” fan game based off of the Pokémon franchise, and over the years a breathtaking story lore and canon has been developed by Alexander Nicholi. One day it was decided that the project be moved forward into a real, fully-fledged video game, and a team of artists, engineers and developers were amassed to begin work.

Project Trinity is being developed by Trinity Software, LLC, a US-based game development company working remotely worldwide – we have members from US to Japan, and from Egypt to Austria, all working together to make the games of tomorrow.


Our company’s work

We have various things already flowing through the pipelines of our company's workflow! Take a look at these pieces of artwork, from concept art to technical maps and drawings and even writings for the game.

Valerie, Drew, and Aaron


Trinity’s world map


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